Prayer will change our City


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God is beginning to move with revival power all throughout the earth, and we are the ones who are alive in such a remarkable time in all of history. These are merely the birth pangs. God is on the move and we must get ready for all that is about to enter our radar screen. We can so easily get depressed and discouraged at all the difficulties and inconveniences of living in such days as these, but do we realize what a great privilege it is to be alive for such a time as this?

I remember several years ago watching the Transformationvideos by George Otis, Jr. They were a message of hope stirring the appetite for God’s presence in the city. My husband was able to visit Almalonga, Guatemala where carrots and other produce were growing several times larger in size, and prisons were closing down because of the presence of God in the city. Transformation was happening in several cities.

I encourage you to watch the DVD called The Quickening and the Transformation videos. Part inspiration, part instruction, these videos present compelling evidences that the spiritual quickening foreseen by the prophet Amos is now upon us. In 1999 there were 8 reports of transformed cities, but since 2002 there have been no less than 175 transformational reports!

Let us believe in Our Father and that He will send Revival in our city The Hague. That the city will be transformed. Let us continue to pray:

On earth in The Hague, as in heaven! Amen